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It is amazing to know that life-changing technology is one of the best technological innovations of ourtime. It has given us easier access to connect to individuals around the world.

Skype. Yes it is almost as if the person were in the same room; so long as there is a reliable internet connection. Skype as revolutionized the way in which we engage with people in the real world.

I teach foreign language. So, how do you think this could be useful for us? These are five ways that learning foreign language via Skype can be better than face-to-face.

1. More convenient – Skype gives you the opportunity to take your language class anytime, anywhere.

2. Less intimidating – Learning a new language can be very scary, so many language learners have found that they actually prefer an environment created via Skype for learning abilities as they feel more relaxed and less intimidating.

3. Increased focused – Classes via skype are one-on-one and conducted with the use of headphones. Pronunciations of new words are often clearer and more easily understood.

4. More interactive – Classes are required to be more interactive which is often the fastest and most effective way to learn new language.

5. Be taught by a native speaker – The most beneficial aspect of learning a language via Skype is the increased accessibility to be taught by a native speaker who has a natural style for the correct pronunciation of words.

I can help you improve your Polish speaking skills.

 I can teach you Polish depending on your needs.

 I can teach you Polish for good conversations and personal communications.

 I can teach you Business Polish.

 I can help you improve your grammar skills.

 I will create a lesson plan that is suited for your age and skills.

 I will teach you depending on your preference and favor.

 I will send you notes for feedback that will help you improve your Polish.

I am a native speaker. I guarantee that lessons with me will be an adventure and interesting pleasure for you. Learning will be fun! It will not be difficult for you. I can quickly improve your language learnings and give you progress. I can share my skills and strategies to practice speaking a new language. Join my Polish learning community now!

Polish Lessons – contact by e-mail: steltmann@onet.pl,

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