Month: October 2020


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Cześć Kochani!

Zapraszam na mini-lekcję! Dzisiaj język angielski! Poznajcie nowe kolokacje i słówka 🙂

Pozdrawiam i życzę udanego dnia!

poorly made – źle wykonany

Their clothes are cheap, but they are often poorly made and wear out quickly.

Ich ubrania są tanie, ale często źle wykonane i szybko się niszczą.

inferior in quality – w gorszej jakości

Fake goods are cheaper, but often inferior in quality to the genuine product.

Podróbki są tańsze, ale często gorszej jakości niż produkt oryginalny.

to have seen better days – czasy świetności mieć dawno za sobą

This old casino building has seen better days.

Ten stary budynek kasyna czasy świetności ma już dawno za sobą.

beat about the bush – owijać w bawełnę

get into a rut – wpaść w rutynę

a cheetah – gepard


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Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Warsaw is inspiring and vibrant, combining the crazy rhythm of the largest business hub of Central Europe with coziness and the welcoming attitude of locals.

It is hard to believe that the picturesque streets and beautiful buildings of the UNESCO-protected Old Town are a meticulous work of the renovators.

World War II may have almost completely destroyed Warsaw but this city rose like a true phoenix from the ruins to become one of the most interesting and fastest growing metropolises of Europe.

It’s also got a dynamic culinary scene, boasting one of the coolest selections of vegetarian eateries in Europe as well as a great variety of street food spots.

Unrivaled views from the top of the giant Stalinist Palace of Science and Culture are worth the climb — not least because, as locals love to say.

A glimpse of pre-war Warsaw is on view at the elegant Wilanów palace, which was once the most beautiful architectural jewel of the Polish monarchs. The beautiful symmetrical gardens, adorned with fountains and sculptures of the past, are a relaxing spot.

Bory Tucholskie

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Dzisiaj tekst po angielsku o Borach Tucholskich. Przyjemnego czytania i nauki angielskiego!

Bory Tucholskie is one of the biggest forest complexes in Poland. In 2010 it was designated by UNESCO as Tuchola Forest Biosphere Reserve. Located in northern Poland in the region of Pomerania between the Brda and Wda rivers, it’s just 1.5-hour drive from Gdansk. Also known as Tuchola Forest. It’s yet another beautiful National Park and one of the places to visit in Poland if you’re looking for a quiet, natural getaway.

The region attracts all kinds of nature lovers – there are countless forest paths and about 900 lakes! There are also many unique species of flora and fauna, some of them endangered (e.x. Drosera, Lycopodiophyta, Nymphaea alba). Tuchola Forest is perfect for birdwatching – capercaillie, heron, crane, eagle owl are examples of typical inhabitants of those vast forests.

Bory Tucholskie National Park is divided into several protected areas:

  • Tucholski Landscape Park
  • Wdecki Landscape Park
  • Wdzydzki Landscape Park
  • Zaborski Landscape Park
  • “Bagna Nad Stążką” nature reserve – the biggest peatland in Tuchola Forest with picturesque educational path “Jelenia Wyspa”
  • “Bagno Grzybna” nature reserve – vast peatland
  • “Doliny Rzeki Brdy” – Brda river nature reserve with the educational path in Woziwód village
  • “Źródła rzeki Stążki” – Stążka river nature reserve
  • “Jeziorka Kozie” nature reserve – forest lakes with a small islands, lovely place
  • “Cisy nad Czerską Strugą” nature reserve – primary yew forest
  • “Ustronie” nature reserve – old-growth mixed forest

Bory Tucholskie isn’t only about forests and lakes – there are many historical attractions and picturesque villages:

  • Tuchola – the main town in Bory Tucholskie. It’s the oldest settlement in Poland. Charming Old Town with 19th-century townhouses. Tuchola Forest Museum (not only history and natural environment, but also folk art exhibitions)
  • Wiele – one of the most popular tourist resorts in Bory Tucholskie region. Situated over Wieleskie and Ciepłe lakes. In Wiele village, there’s International Folklore Festival held each year. A perfect event for Polish culture aficionados
  • Osiek – a peaceful village located over the biggest lake in the region – Kałębie lake. There’s a Neogothic Church from the 19th century and ruins of Teutonic Knights castle
  • Wdzydze Kiszewskie – tourist resort located over Gołuń lake. there’s Kashubian Ethnographic park – the oldest antique building museum in Poland
  • Charzykowy – a lovely village located over Charzykowskie lake. Perfect for water sports enthusiasts
  • Rudzki Most village – there’s WW2 Monument in the forest commemorating collective murder of local patriots
  • Chojnice town – it belonged to Teutonic Knights from 1309 do 1466 who made this town a medieval fortress. There are antique walls, towers and gates


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Cześć Kochani!

Poznajcie nowe słówka z angielskiego oraz dwie kolokacje!

Zapraszam i życzę udanego dnia!


shop window display – wystawa w oknie sklepowym

An interesting shop window display attracts passers-by into a shop.

Interesująca wystawa przyciąga do sklepu przechodniów.

to haggle over the price – targować się

Habbling over prices is part of the shopping experience in an Egyptian market.

Targowanie się jest nieodłącznym elementem zakupów na egipskim bazarze.

hyped – szeroko reklamowany

stuntman – kaskader

disjointed – nieskładny, chaotyczny

sequel – kontynuacja

a whale – wieloryb